Caring for Dogs in Heat

Caring for Dogs on Heat

Almost every six months, a female dog comes in heat. It is a part of female dog’s normal life cycle. At this time, her hormones are organizing and preparing her body to catch the attention of a male dog and get pregnant after mating. A dog that is in heat is impulsive and restless. If you want her to be pregnant and have some puppies, then this is the right time. If breeding is not a priority at this moment, this normal cycle would be a stressor for her and for you as well.

When dogs are in heat, their body is preparing her for mating. Usually, she will get a lot of attention from a male dog due to her distinct scent at that time and her unusual behavior. As pet owner, one must watch his dog closely because she needs help to ward off the advances from other dogs. Certainly, caring a dog that is in heat needs patience and dedication. Here are some ways you can care for your dog:

  • Keep your windows, doors and gates close if you are not around. Your dogs might go out and look for a partner without your knowledge.
  • Choose car rides rather than walking to any destinations.
  • Continue daily walking but choose a well-contained area rather than an open area. Preferably, an area that doesn’t have dogs.
  • Encourage and allow her to play and walk in your lawn or backyard but don’t leave hear unattended.
  • Never let male dogs invade your house. Some male dogs may climb fences or jump wooden fence. They can even open screened doors.
  • Do anything that you can do to sooth her and keep her calm most of the time. A dog that is in heat is very anxious. Avoid activities that will promote agitation on your dog and instruct children to treat her with respect and avoid rough play with them.

Throughout the entire first 14 days of being in heat, your female dog’s vulva might swell and she may also experience a brown spotting or even slight bleeding. This is usually the indication that your dog is in estrus. Having your dog wear a protective panty is a very nice idea during her first stage of cycle. Make sure that her bed comes with a cotton cloth or a washable covering to avoid staining the cloth.

If you’re not willing to give up most of your time and patience doing stuffs like this, you might consider spaying your dog to eliminate issues associated with heat cycles. It is usually performed before she experiences her first estrus. This may also decrease her risk of having cancer, mammary tumors and any stressful anxious behavior.

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