Is it that your kids want another baby pup to play with, or that you want to make some extra bucks selling puppies? Whatever your reasons are, try to clarify them before you attempt to breed your bitch.

Your bitch usually comes into heat about twice every year, and it is during this heat periods that you can attempt to mate her. Before the mating, she should be placed on special diets to flush her system and get her ready for the task ahead.


Getting the male dog (stud) that will mate your girl is an important task and it has to be carried out judiciously. You may have a friend or a neighbor with a stud that you think is suitable for the process, or there ay be a breeder who can get you one. However, breeding is not just about bringing together a male a female. There are several factors to be put into consideration if you are to get the desired results. They include:-

Ascertaining the pedigree of the dog – Do you want your bitch to produce purebred puppies? Then you must certainly mate her with a purebred stud (if she is also one).  You may want to check out his registration  details etc.

Check out poor performance results -does he have a past performance of repeated breeding, abortion etc. This may be due to the stud carrying a venereal disease, defective sperm abnormalities etc. you can very well know what to expect from scrutinizing past records.

Check out for conformation – Does the stud have all the unique posture and other characteristics features of it’s breed?

*  Be careful to mate your bitch with a stud or commensurate size. Do not mate your small -sized bitch with an over-sized, over- weight male. The results could be disastrous.


when your dogs come into a season, she remains on heat for about three weeks. During this time, there will be swelling of vulva  and discharges. When she is on heat (peak period), she welcomes all attempts by the male to mount her. She is usually fertile, releasing eggs during five days of the period.

It is usually advisable to take your bitch to the stud (not vice versa). This is because the stud is more comfortable within her own premises , and it is better able to carry out his own duty. The female may not be so submissive when the male is brought  into her territory.

The stud mounts the bitch and after ejaculation, remains in the bitch for a several minutes while her vaginal muscle still hold onto his penis. Sometimes the dog may climb off her back and turn 180o facing the other  way. This act is referred to ‘a tie’ and is usually believed by the breeders to mean a successful mating..

Gestation period (pregnancy) in the dog usually ranges from sixty days to sixty six days, with sixty three days as the average. When the range is exceeded, you may need to call the attention of your veterinary doctor.

Note – your bitch should not just be mature in age, she also has to have developed enough physically before she is bred. This will help to foretell future reproductive (birth) complication.

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