Tricks to Find Out Which Is the Best Puppy Diet

Tricks to Find Out Which Is the Best Puppy Diet

Puppies are great creatures to have around because they are cute but they also are a good partner to fill your empty days. In order for them to have a nice and long live, you must understand that the food that they eat is almost vital. You probably wonder now what things are important for a proper nutrition. The answer will be given by your vet. That means that you have to avoid buying random food for your puppy because it is possible not to suit his need.

You have many options about the food of your dog. I will try to enumerate some of them. It is probably that you already heard about organic and natural food for puppies. My advice is that you should try them. Many puppy owners like to feed their gods with raw food. Other puppy owners choose kibble and it becomes a main part of their puppy’s diet. I will try to focus more on the last type of food that I talked about.

When you give your puppy food that is solid, you must keep in mind that it has to be good and high-quality also. Little kibble is ideal in a solid food. Your puppy food should contain all the proteins and vitamins in order to assure him a great and ideal growth and life. It is best that you feed your dog 3 or 4 times in a day.

If the puppy doesn’t eat solid food, you can try to add some water in order to make it softer. You should avoid adding milk because the milk is a natural laxative in puppy’s diets. The water will only create a softer food that will be easy to chew.

You can reduce the amount of water that you add in his food after he grows a little more. If you thought about feeding your dog with solid food, you must do that as early as you can because he will do from his diet a daily habit. Doing that faster, you will be able to achieve your purpose: giving your dog only dry and solid food. After your puppy is 6 weeks old, you should start to reduce the amount of water from added on his kibble.

You must give your puppy as many kibbles as he wants when he is little and he still grows up. You have to remember that the food is better to be given at fixed time intervals of time. After he grows a little more, you can reduce the number of the meals at 2 meals per day, and not 3 or 4. When you arrive at those points, you will know the amounts of food that your dog needs and you will be able to offer him a proper diet.

You can also consult a vet to give you some advices. Sometimes it is difficult to say if your puppy is too fact and you can also ask a vet about this matter.

This is not such a difficult task. You must only be careful and ask a vet whenever you are not sure about what are you doing. He will be able to provide you the advices to follow for your puppy. Choose the food that you puppy eats wisely and don’t buy cheap or bad one. The puppy’s health is depending about that.


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