Puppy Care

If you have just adopted a new puppy, chances are you will need a little patience the first few days while the puppy adapts to its new environment. Dogs are comforted by stable routines, so it is important to start establishing your new puppy’s routine when you bring him/her home.

A new puppy may miss his mother and other littermates and have difficulty sleeping. If your puppy cries or whines, you may keep his/her crate in your room and soothe him/her when he/she cries with your fingers.

The reason dogs are such good pets and fit so well into human society is that they are social animals by nature. Their greatest psychological need is to be part of a group. Whether it’s a family of just you and puppy, or a boisterous household full of children and pets, in order to be happy your new puppy must feel secure about her place in the group.

To be confident and secure what puppies need most is a master they can depend on. For your dog to have a happy life and be a pleasure to own, at least one person in the family must become such a master. Dogs have no mental concept of “friends and equals”. Somebody has to be boss. Assertive puppies will grow up trying to be boss, which won’t make either one of you happy. A submissive puppy may spend its entire life fretting and worrying, never sure what is expected. Everything usually works out just fine automatically–puppies find their place in the family without much trouble and everyone is happy with the arrangement.

If you allow your puppy to sleep in the bed with you, be prepared to continue with this behavior, as it is much harder to break an older dog of habits learned as a puppy. To help soothe your new puppy, you may also ask the breeder for a soft cloth or toy that was with the mother and littermates. Place in the puppy’s sleeping quarters to help the puppy with his/her transition to his/her new home.

Adopting a new puppy is a big responsibility, one that you should be sure you are able to take on before bringing your new puppy home. They require lots of attention, but are a joy if you take the time to train them properly.