Is Your Dog Anal? Four Reasons Dogs May Drag Their Bottoms

Reasons Dogs May Drag Their Bottoms

Many dogs scoot (drag) their bottoms across carpets, ground or other rough surfaces making it appear as though they are wiping their rear. The real causes can be much more serious and may warrant a trip to the veterinarian for an examination. Some of the most common reasons for this behavior are discussed below.

Anal Sac Disease is common in small dogs but rare in large dogs. It occurs when the anal sacs become impacted, infected, abscessed or neoplastic (abnormal tissue formation).

Impaction is when the anal gland fluids become too thick to be easily expressed.

Infections will result in the production of a yellow or bloody pus-like substance.

Abscess around the rectum area will become swollen and will be hot and tender to the touch. If the abscess erupts it will produce pus and blood.

The anal glands are two tiny sacs located inside the dog’s bottom. They are believed to be scent glands because they accumulate a fluid substance that, when released, produces a strong, foul odor.

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