Tips to Housebreak a Puppy

Puppy Housbreaking Tips

Perhaps the first and most important thing any puppy owner wants to do is to housebreak their new puppy. This cannot only be a very positive learning experience for the puppy, but also for the owner, particularly for first time dog owners.

When preparing to train your puppy to do what comes naturally outside, rather than inside, it’s very important to understand that dog’s are habit animals. Everything they do as they grow older is born from habit, the choice the dog owner has is whether the puppy is going to create it’s own habits or if the habits are going to be taught.

Another important factor to keep in mind that until after three months of age a puppy cannot physically control the muscles needed to keep from going, it just happens. To overcome this in the early months, take the puppy out often or confine your puppy to an area of the house where it’s easy to clean up any messes. Be sure to keep the area the puppy stays in clean; it can be very difficult to train a puppy to go outside if he or she can smell the scent of urine inside.

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