How to keep Dogs away from Poison

How to keep your Dog away from Poison

You love your best friend, and can’t imagine losing him.  However, one of the biggest mistakes we tend to overlook is placing rat poison in an area which is easily accessible to your dog.  Rat poison has a purpose, which is to kill rats and mice.  Rat poison is designed to taste really good and smell great to rats and mice, unfortunately this also true for dogs. Dogs love the smell and taste of rat poison, and therefore, will actively seek out rat poison. Thus, no matter where you place rat poison, be it in your garage, your backyard, or behind your couch, your dog will find it and eat it.

In case your dog eats rat poison and you luckily catch him eating it, you need to force a teaspoon or two of hydrogen peroxide down his throat, which will make him throw up. Next you need to take him to your local vet immediately; your vet may administer vitamin K to your dog to counteract the poison. However, if you are not sure and suspect that your dog has eaten it, then look for the following symptoms of poisoning: blood in the stool, blood in the urine, bloody nose, and bleeding from his gums. Rat poison stops the blood from clotting and basically is designed to bleed the animal to death.

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